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"Social media is our most important tool, that's how we got 700,000 people to the march," shares @SarahLBaumann, director of marketing @peoplesvote_uk. #PeoplesVote #Brexit #SMWLDN
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@PR_Place @MattSilverPR @RichLeighPR @AlpineJoeJoe @WelcomeToFrank @wadds @ms_organised @richardbagnall @HansTranbergPR Thanks! Glad to be featured!
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RT @PR_Place: #ThisWeekinPR thread... Visual content thanks to @MattSilverPR @RichLeighPR @AlpineJoeJoe @WelcomeToFrank @wadds @ms_organise
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"Messaging is the fastest growing form of communication, and that's changing how businesses interact with customers," explains Dan Robinson, group director @Facebook, in his talk on the changing face of #CustomerLoyalty. #SMWLDN
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"Take every opportunity you can to learn and grow. You'll thank yourself later," @HansTranbergPR, creative associate @KetchumUK, advised students at his alma matter @LeedsBeckett in a talk on entering the #comms industry, being creative and working with top global brands. #talent
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RT @KetchumPR: How do brands build their reputation in a fractured society & media environment? Register to join @KetchumUK’s “Communicatio
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What do you think leads to "thumb-stopping" social content? #NatGeo #SMWLDN
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"Stay true to your brand. It will reflect across your entire social ecosystem." Nadine Heggie of @NatGeo shares how the publication uses social media to tell engaging stories from around the world. #SMWLDN
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"Listen, take the insights, engage and LISTEN AGAIN. Let customers lead you." - Gareth Owens of @Linkfluence on how effective social listening can help create real business opportunities. #SMWLDN
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"Big reach isn't important, impact is," says @AntoniaBonello, creative director @BuzzFeedUK, as she talks about powerful content online and it's ability to drive human connection. #SMWLDN
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"Investing time in constantly seeing what people are viewing and how long they're viewing it for helps us tell the right stories to the right people." - @BetsyFast of @Hearst talks about social-first video and using data to enhance brand #storytelling. #SMWLDN
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We're at @SocialMediaWeek London! Looking forward to the exciting line-up of speakers and sessions. #SMWLDN
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"The most powerful influencers don’t need brand collaborations to monetise." - @ChrisssSmith, associate director @KetchumUK, shares his five key takeaways from @WebSummit: #influencermarketing #WebSummit #WebSummit2018
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RT @csgmartin: A glorious morning in Edinburgh for @KetchumUK client Marine Harvest’s capital markets day at which it announces its name ch
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Join us to discover what brand courage is...and what it isn't. To find out more and register for this event, contact Jane Phillips (@Ains1980 / #BrandCourage2019 #Londonevents
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"Nobody [in PR] has created a culture of advocacy, influence or multiple stakeholder management with the precision of specialist talent management," Bert Moore, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer @KetchumUK tells @CreativeBrief in this latest interview:
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"Measurement isn’t just about where we've been - it helps us understand where we're going." - Paula Garcia Mosquera (@PGmosquera), research executive @KetchumUK, shares her advice on effective measurement in the midst of @AmecOrg's #AMECMM: #DataSmart
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"Journalists know what they want, what works for them and how they like to operate. Get to know them, and just ask." @richardgriffo recaps his #CommsCon18 panel including @NadaFarhoud, @MrPaulHod, @EllenRStewart & @joshingtonhosts:
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RT @prweekuknews: 'Journos don't appreciate being used as a marketing tool' - PR pros urge caution against SEO link requests:
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What inspires @KetchumUK account director Ahalya Moxon (@AAhalya)? Find out in this latest @PRWeekUKNews feature on creative communicators: #creativity
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RT @KetchumPR: "Start-ups have to be able to quickly and coherently communicate what they are about, without jargon. So communications is i
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Postcard from Lisbon! Some of our London delegates supporting clients, soaking up the sun and more at the #WebSummit.
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@MHFAEngland It's a pleasure! Thank you for all the great work you do in this space.
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RT @KetchumPR: Watch @BarriRafferty discuss how brands can cut through the clutter to reach their target audience @WebSummit tomorrow: http
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We've all got a Stress Container - what's in yours? This National #StressAwarenessDay, we encourage you to address your stress levels using this interactive tool from @MHFAEngland, whom we work with closely as part of our #employeewellbeing programme:
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RT @wadds: Lovely celebration of @CIPR_UK volunteer community by the community for 70th anniversary #CIPR70.
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"Misrepresentation of facts will lead to a damaged reputation and you will not be able to get away with it," @ellenRstewart, head of content @PinkNews, talks about the role of journalists and publications in combating #fakenews. #CommsCon18
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"Most journalists are interested in building relationships. It's how you go about that. A bit of humour usually helps." - @MrPaulHod, comment editor and assistant editor at @FinancialNews to #comms experts. #CommsCon18
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.@joshingtonhosts, celebrity and entertainment editor @GlamourMagUK, talks to @richardgriffo about #influencers. #CommsCon18
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"Do your research. Whatever your media relations approach is, the same won't work for every journalist." - @NadaFarhoud, consumer features & environment editor at @DailyMirror. #CommsCon18
News : Sep 25th 2018 by Janita Lakhanpal
'PR is having its moment in the sun, despite confidence crisis' - senior adland exec
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Chris discusses his new role, the public affairs landscape and advice to those entering the industry.
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The campaign is one of 40 to be awarded at the Provoke18 Global Public Relations Summit in Washington on 24th October.
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Con Franklin joins from FTI Consulting as Kate Paxton heads back to Washington D.C.
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Ketchum Strengthens Corporate Reputation Team With Appointment of Public Affairs Specialist Chris
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Ketchum and its Clients Win 30 Lions at 2018 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
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Ketchum Launches 'No Boundaries' Vision with Clients at the Center
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Ketchum London hires veteran Bert Moore in new senior role for 'rapid leap forward'
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Ketchum Wins Four PRWeek Global Awards
News : Jan 9th 2018 by Janita Lakhanpal
Ketchum London Announces New Executive Committee -

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