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Virgin Active, Go There by iris
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Plymouth Gin , Creating consumer buzz around Plymouth Gin by John Doe
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WaterAid, Rain for Good by Atomic
Start searching, Driver Wins by Karmarama
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Greggs, #GetYours Coffee Campaign by Splendid Communications
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Jordan, Space Jam LA by Rosie Lee
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McDonald's , Juliette the Doll by Leo Burnett
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Peroni Nastro Azzurro
Gluten Free
New packaging for Peroni Nastro Azzurro Gluten Free
Live & Breathe
24.01.2017 17:49:59
The Happy Egg Company
Chain of Happiness
The Happy Egg Company TV advert. The Chain of Happiness.
Live & Breathe
24.01.2017 17:17:56
FA cup sponsorship ident
Ladbrokes FA cup 4th round sponsorship idents
The Bank
24.01.2017 17:05:10
Gluten Free Vita Al Mare
Gluten Free Peroni Vita Al Mare Advert for cinema and online
The Bank
24.01.2017 16:56:37
The night robots predicted humans better than the humans.
We paired up with ITV to introduce a new revolutionary tool that successfully predicted…
Havas London
24.01.2017 14:14:25
Get The F*ck Out Of…
Not so 'home sweet home'
Developing the positioning, personality, tone of voice and visual identity for the…
Coley Porter Bell Limited
24.01.2017 12:51:50
Dorset Cereals
B&B Awards
Collaboration with W Comms on a campaign to celebrate the winners of the Dorset…
24.01.2017 10:52:20
Highland Park Fire
Highland Park Fire Harrods Window Display
Retail display (digital and window) to support the launch of Highland Park Fire…
23.01.2017 16:39:02
Cancer Research UK
Be Clear on Cancer
TV and print campaign to raise awareness of Bowel Cancer and encourage home testing…
The Bank
23.01.2017 15:59:40
Awaken Your Volcano
We have been awakening the volcanos of the nation to introduce four new Volvic products…
23.01.2017 13:56:02
New Balance Lifestyle
Life in 247
Global comms idea creates relevance and meaning for New Balance’s biggest sneaker…
20.01.2017 18:10:26
Hitachi Capital (UK)…
Powering Possibilities
2017 Corporate internal communications campaign
20.01.2017 17:47:59
Corn Flakes
Our #myperfectbowl campaign is an invitation for people to celebrate their own Corn…
Leo Burnett
20.01.2017 12:19:20
End Youth Homelessness…
Get Them to a Safe Place
An online film to raise awareness of the dilemma faced by 80,000 young people in…
Leo Burnett
20.01.2017 11:51:43
Travel Better
Travel Hacks
New series using kinetic typography to convey lots of useful information in an entertaining…
20.01.2017 09:24:38
Transforming the customer journey at
The work spans every part of the customer journey, harmonising retail and financial…
19.01.2017 14:55:59
150 top creatives made their way to the Tate Modern for a party to celebrate the…
19.01.2017 12:51:06
Hard Fired - a Travel Retail Exclusive
Launch campaign for Ballantine's Hard Fired, exclusive within travel retail across…
19.01.2017 11:59:33
Your Co-op Locals
Design & implementation of an in-store area to hero the offer from local producers…
True Story
19.01.2017 11:41:38
Ancient Legends
Heroing Whole-Grain Goodness
Kellogg’s first-ever ancient-grains breakfast line breaks through the clutter of…
19.01.2017 09:34:32
Topman at Fashion Week
Documenting the inspiration and preparation behind Topman Design AW17 as they kick…
Somethin' Else
18.01.2017 17:33:59
Future of Brands
Future of Brands
Engaging a corporate event audience in the debate around regulatory erosion of brand…
18.01.2017 17:26:54
Open Cloud Forum
Large-scale international conference attended by over 100 CTOs from some of the…
18.01.2017 10:19:32
Amazon Prime
A down on his luck busker and his loyal companion head to the same spot every day…
17.01.2017 16:13:14
Heathrow Express
Beating the January Blues - free ticket promotion on "Blue Monday"
Integrated content, PR & social campaign focusing on the formula to help combat…
TVC Group
17.01.2017 15:01:47
Greensand Ridge Distillery
Brand Creation & Packaging
A true micro-distillery on a mission to develop breathtaking spirits the slow way.…
17.01.2017 12:12:58
Babylon Health
Don't ask the internet. Ask a real Doctor
Babylon: the modern day antidote to search engine self-diagnosis. See more -
Ogilvy & Mather London
17.01.2017 11:54:47
Save Our Stuff
Save Our Stuff makes the benefits of recycling more tangible and motivating for…
17.01.2017 11:35:24
Exterion Media
TFL & Exterion Media Partnership Launch Party
Launch event to celebrate the new partnership between TFL and Exterion Media within…
17.01.2017 09:38:45
Oreo Flavours
To launch new Oreo cookie flavours we created the wonderfilled 'flavour mobile'
16.01.2017 16:01:15
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