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Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 12:01
Interesting results. Not perfect, but be interesting to see how this develops.
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 15:09
#IMakeApps is our latest global campaign for @Google. We're travelling the world meeting exciting developers and sharing their stories from when they're not working away on their latest game or app.
Tweet : May 10th 2018 17:05
The animal whisperer. BTS shooting our Google #io18 opener film for the Google Play session. Shot with an @ARRIChannel Amira & @Cooke_Optics s4/i lens.
Tweet : May 9th 2018 11:11
Day 1 at @Google I/O and we were there opening the main @GooglePlayDev session in the big Amphitheater stage with one of our films ???? #io18
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 16:38
Animating in our studio with some custom 3D printed scenery we made.
Tweet : Apr 24th 2018 15:40
Sea scenes to be seen ????????????
Tweet : Apr 23rd 2018 15:20
Taking in the rolling French countryside alongside some extras on our latest shoot.
Tweet : Apr 9th 2018 17:50
Shout out to @creativebrief who have our work bringing Magic Kinder into the social media age as their new #HotPick. Check it in full -
Tweet : Mar 26th 2018 17:30
.@UnrealEngine and @3LateralStudio have really pushed things forward with their new real-time human-driven digital characters. Featuring motion capture legend @andyserkis, we went behind the scenes & filmed the making of this huge step out of the valley.
Tweet : Mar 26th 2018 15:40
RT @TheDrum: #AdoftheDay: @Autism's high octane ad shows how anxiety leads to isolation
Tweet : Mar 21st 2018 13:05
Visually stunning, well worth a watch.
Tweet : Mar 8th 2018 17:32
RT @GooglePlayDev: These four successful women in apps and games industry brought their ideas to life on #GooglePlay. ???? Watch the stories
Tweet : Mar 8th 2018 12:27
Our latest film for @GooglePlayDev celebrating International Women's Day has just gone live! We met successful founders all round the world at the forefront of the mobile industry who shared their stories #IWD2018
Tweet : Mar 2nd 2018 15:03
So far in 2018 we've filmed in London, San Francisco, Dubai, Singapore, Argentina, Switzerland, Lanzarote, Italy, Serbia and now South Africa where it isn't snowing.
Tweet : Feb 21st 2018 17:45
@jerrysaltz It's in the diary! See you in 2023.
Tweet : Feb 21st 2018 16:42
Be great to redo this video every 5 years. Enjoyable watch.
Tweet : Feb 21st 2018 13:01
RT @OnePerfectShot: AMERICAN BEAUTY (1999) Director of Photography: Conrad L. Hall Director: Sam Mendes More Shots:
Tweet : Feb 21st 2018 12:26
@GoPro adjustments for our latest @RedBullUK film with pro triathlete @LucyAnneCharles.
Tweet : Feb 20th 2018 15:15
Impressive stuff.
Tweet : Feb 16th 2018 15:39
In its 3rd year, our world food day delivering the goods once again. Eyal's ???? on point as usual.
Tweet : Feb 15th 2018 19:30
We hosted the Google Play Indie Games Contest Final at the Saatchi Gallery in London to celebrate some of the latest and greatest indie game developers out there. Huge shout to all the finalists, winners and the crowds that came to play - you guys made it. #playindie
Tweet : Feb 15th 2018 15:17
Last couple weeks we’ve been filming @redbull triathlete, Lucy Charles, trying to keep up with her across Lanzarote and the infinitely muddier UK. You can catch the swimming films now
Tweet : Feb 14th 2018 12:29
RT @PerfumeAds: Justin Timberlake does yoga before an infinity pool. ‘I’m lost in time’ An owl lands on him. ‘Without you, I fall’ Sev
Tweet : Feb 13th 2018 18:43
Yes Morleys Peckham ????????????
Tweet : Jan 26th 2018 17:48
Huge Despacio Soundsystem mix going off right now
Tweet : Jan 26th 2018 11:37
Filming at the edge of the world in #Pacifica. Shooting on @ARRIChannel Amira and @ZEISSLenses Super Speeds.
Tweet : Jan 25th 2018 11:05
Loving this year's selection.
Tweet : Jan 22nd 2018 14:53
From some far off lands.
Tweet : Jan 22nd 2018 12:14
RT @Booooooom: Photographer Suzanne Saroff combines commonplace objects with different tools, techniques and colours to create alternative
Tweet : Jan 22nd 2018 11:35
Would love to have a go testing this out -

Google Play - Google I/O 2018
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Google I/O 2018
Advertising/Creative, Branded content
Our film opened the main Google Play talk on the big stage at I/O ’18, Google’s biggest conference.
May 11th 2018 11:19:57

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