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Keeping markets in motion

TP ICAP is a new parent brand launched to coincide with the completion of Tullett Prebon’s
acquisition of ICAP’s global hybrid voice broking and information business, making TP ICAP the
largest interdealer broker in the world.



TP ICAP – Brand Identity & Launch Campaign from Handsome on Vimeo.


The acquisition of ICAP by Tullett Prebon
created the world's largest interdealer broker,
TP ICAP. As a global firm of professional
intermediaries,they play a pivotal role in the
world's financial, energy and commodities
market. They're at the forefront of an industry
that's changing. Setting new standards of
professionalism and execution across their
industry. Our challenge was to create a brave
and bold brand, to attract new talent and
position themselves at the forefront
of their sector.




We developed the creative idea of
'Keeping markets in motion' for the new
visual identity. Because professional
intermediaries help to keep markets in
motion, making them efficient, safe and
accessible. It expresses the momentum
TP ICAP bring to markets and the internal
momentum they inspire as a growing and
evolving company. The symbol chosen to
perfectly express this theme is a propeller.
It will, over time, become an emblem
of the pivotal role keeping markets
in motion.



"The team at Handsome
are diligent and inspired
designers.They truly excelled
at creating a beautiful and
fluid brand that sets us apart
from our competition."

Allie Wick
Group Brand & Marketing Director




- 1322% increase in page views across the
  TP ICAP website

- 91% increase in number of total impressions
  on the TP ICAP LinkedIn page

- TP ICAP is perceived externally as the market leader
  and as the world’s biggest professional intermediary. 

- A recent Employee Engagement Survey by TP ICAP
  to staff in June achieved a 70% participation rate and
  6,300 individual comments. Results showed a high
  level of engagement with the new combined TP ICAP
  group with 88% agreeing with the statement “I believe
  I personally contribute to a positive work culture” and
  87% agreeing that “the work I do is important to the
  company and valuable to clients”.


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