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La Maison Maille

Maille came to Mr. President wanting to increase the number of in-store sign ups to their eCRM campaign, to gain high-quality subscribers and advance their relationship with their 30-50 year old consumers.

Our solution had to have the potential to be rolled out to New York and Paris, so we factored in consumers across the USA, Europe and UK when developing our idea.

We saw an opportunity to do this in a fun and innovative way, which would also drive footfall to their London boutique and improve the accuracy of consumer product preferences.

So, we teamed up with the tech wizards at Hirsch and Mann to create our cunning invention that ticks all the boxes for Maille, and provides a charming in-store experience for all mustard lovers.

The Maille Discovery Spoons are amongst the first of its kind. By using RFID technology, our spoons save your favourite mustard flavours at the tap of a spoon.

By integrating the spoons into the existing tasting experience at the mustard bar, you can taste and tap away until you’re satisfied with your selection. A black jar (with a crafty hidden sensor) then reads the data on your spoon and saves your preferences.

Once you have filled in your contact information on our beautiful typewriter, your favourites will be delivered safely to your inbox, alongside recipes, special offers and the tasting notes for your favourite picks.

So that you have something tangible to take away from your experience straight away, we provide you with a personalised printed keepsake showing your choices.

By bringing together the Maille online and offline worlds, we’re creating a richer consumer experience and generating new, useful information for the brand – something we are proud of.

Our discovery spoons are bringing the future to retail, pop into the Piccadilly Boutique and see for yourself!

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