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We’ve been working for Liberty for the past couple of years on the CRM programme – Liberty Loyalty – and in particular, transforming their editorial content and printed magazine. We began by working Liberty to hone their aesthetic and tone of voice – balancing their arts and crafts heritage with a sense of modern luxury and cool femininity. The resulting work, whilst broad in its mix (photographic, editorial, illustrative, digital and printed), is a signature handwriting that reflects the core essence of the Liberty brand.

As Liberty is full of niche luxury brands that customers haven’t yet discovered – from Maria Tash piercing to Frederic Malle perfume – our approach has been to use interesting storytelling to bring these brands to life. We applied this approach to Christmas, Jewellery, Beauty and Fragrance so far and the performance results have been, on average, 65% higher than previous work.



For our 2017 Beauty Magazine, we set out to challenge ‘the norm’ of beauty marketing. In Liberty’s pages we celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and point blank refused to retouch imperfections – every gorgeous wrinkle and dimple stayed put. It’s a bold and brave statement in an industry of polish and perfection.


The above slideshow features our collaborating with four artists to re-create make-up looks as portraits using actual beauty products such as highlighter and blusher. The artists involved include Marco de Rae, Gill Button, Christina BanBan and Rob Philips, and the portraits were featured in an in-store exhibition.


We featured up and coming founders, insiders and artists and teamed up with equally up and coming hair and make up artists, stylists, and photographers to further demonstrate Liberty’s authority as beauty curator.



"We believe print still has a value to our customer – that special moment when you can pour over great stories and maybe learn something you didn’t know before about a brand or a process" -Madeleine Macey, Brand & Communications Director at Liberty London


Liberty Fragrance Animations from Portas Agency on Vimeo.
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