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Tweet : Aug 16th 2018 10:02
#MeetTheIGen Tip 3 - Inspire them with authenticity and purpose. They’re not vain????they’re worried about their future. Participants regularly mentioned a turn away from perfect ‘Kardashian’ content, they're inspired to engage with causes centred around compelling mission ideas????
Tweet : Aug 15th 2018 22:06
Another day, another award nomination for our sister agency @NewsfeedLDN So proud
Tweet : Aug 15th 2018 16:22
We pride ourselves on our team’s fresh ways of thinking... so we’d like to introduce you to the freshest of the gang! This week we welcome our new grads Sally, Gabby, Daisy, and Jess to the family.
Tweet : Aug 15th 2018 14:45
#MeetTheIGen Tip 2 - Tap into their ambitious nature ???? they’re not just taking selfies, they’re managing their brands. On the topic of social media, 39% say it determines popularity and 33% believe it affects job prospects. The most used device? The smartphone came in at 93.4%
Tweet : Aug 15th 2018 11:23
On set for a very exciting new launch for one of our clients today... #watchthisspace #behindthescenes ????
Tweet : Aug 14th 2018 12:51
#MeetTheIGen Tip 1 - Communicate in their language. They're not just playing with their phones, they've integrated technology into their lives. Most iGen get their first smartphone at just 12 year old (13%) and 65% look at their phone within 5 minutes of waking.
Tweet : Aug 14th 2018 12:24
Thanks to @creativebrief for featuring our iGen Report as this weeks BITE thought leadership.
Tweet : Aug 10th 2018 14:21
Stuck for summer listening? Here’s @jamesclralph's pick of the most thought provoking podcasts out there for those involved in communicating #ThoughtLeadership
Tweet : Aug 7th 2018 15:58
#ICYMI The iGen report is out now. Launched with @prweek and covered by @Campaign, this is the need to know report of the year when it comes to engaging 16-23 year olds effectively. Watch out this week for our top five iGen tips.
Tweet : Aug 7th 2018 09:26
????#DogInTheOffice???? #TheRealPeanut????
Tweet : Aug 3rd 2018 17:16
Our property team are loving the sunshine and setting sail ?? on the Tall Ships Weekend with @AdventureInArc #adventurenetworking
Tweet : Aug 2nd 2018 17:27
Thrilled to be shortlisted for not one, but two awards for our work with #Nationwide for the @IoICNews awards! We're up for Best Engagement Programme & Best Video and Animation. #InternalComms #IOICawards18 #internalcomms #ioicawards18
Tweet : Aug 2nd 2018 10:47
Amazing news to hear our Intern-Ship of the Seas with @MyRoyalUK has been shortlisted for Best PR Campaign for the @IntTTAwards ! #RoyalCaribbean #ITTAs ???????
Tweet : Jul 27th 2018 17:30
Last week we reached new heights with client @Airbus at the Farnborough Air Show #FIA18. With a host of influencers in tow, we showed the world the future of aviation through their eyes. Check out @DaveErasmus video #comms #aviation #contentmarketing
Tweet : Jul 26th 2018 22:07
The GR Summer Party has reached the drunken quoits stage...
Tweet : Jul 26th 2018 15:11
RT @PRWeekAwards: Shortlisted for Internal Communications and Employee Engagement Chamberlain Healthcare PR @Futures_hg @goodrelations @pfi
Tweet : Jul 26th 2018 11:23
Catch @wordofmoss’ essential guide to travel marketing at the @ABTAevents this September. Tickets in link below.
Tweet : Jul 26th 2018 10:58
RT @Vuelio: Do you know who the iGen are and how to communicate with them? @goodrelations share their top tips in their latest report - Mee
Tweet : Jul 26th 2018 08:10
Absolutely thrilled to be shortlisted in the @prweekuknews awards this morning!????
Tweet : Jul 25th 2018 17:07
How do you launch a brand new product for client @SubwayUK? Give it a fresh new look & personality. Look out for more #WrapStar social content and kudos to our studio team on this amazing artwork!
Tweet : Jul 24th 2018 15:36
Our #iGen research is here! To receive the full report email
Tweet : Jul 20th 2018 09:27
#CannesLions Contagious Rule 3?? Base your campaign on a real life insight ???? Diesel manufactured their own fakes and sold them to the public. They used a lie to expose the truth of the threat of the bootlegger industry. #GRLive
Tweet : Jul 20th 2018 09:07
#CannesLions Contagious Rule 2?? doing good does good. 50% of Grand Prixes ???? were awarded to good cause initiatives. How can your brand truly make a difference for good? #GRLive
Tweet : Jul 20th 2018 08:57
#CannesLions Contagious Rule 1?? An ugly truth can be beautifully effective... look at the Cybersmile #trollingisugly campaign, which showed immense bravery at calling out an important social issue. #GRLive
Tweet : Jul 20th 2018 08:49
Storytelling is ???? Look at the ‘significant objects’ study, where smart cookies were able to add massive value to everyday objects on eBay, just by adding a story #GRLive
Tweet : Jul 20th 2018 08:41
What makes a winning #CannesLions entry? We’re dissecting contagious culture this morning at our breakfast event. Any burning qs for our speakers? Ask with #GRLive
Tweet : Jul 19th 2018 21:43
Yeaaaaas! Amazing win for our Arthur Webb campaign for Nationwide #PRCADareAwards
Tweet : Jul 19th 2018 19:27
Out and about at the #PRCADAREawards tonight... salivating and waiting for it all to happen
Tweet : Jul 16th 2018 13:44
Want to get 'on the front foot' when it comes to communications in the transport sector? Join our breakfast roundtable on 26th July with the Press Association @PA & @Se_Railway to learn how to implement the power of positive storytelling. Contact
Tweet : Jul 13th 2018 10:29
Teddy as she goes! Great coverage for our client Chartered Institute of Marketing @CIM_Exchange commenting on the perils of poor marketing promotions #cl

Remembered - There But Not There
There But Not There
Public relations (PR)
A nationwide installation to commemorate the end of WWI, raising £1m in 24 hours after launching.
Apr 30th 2018 12:24:18
Royal Albert Hall - Driving ticket sales for the Star Trek in Concert series
Royal Albert Hall
(Royal Albert Hall)
Driving ticket sales for the Star Trek in Concert series
Public relations (PR)
Star Trek fans can score free tickets to concerts by booking tickets in Klingon - tlhIngan Hol!

Apr 3rd 2018 12:55:39

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