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A study of 2000 films from the Cannes Lions archive found that women are 48% more likely to be shown in the kitchen. This is why we are fighting for 50:50 in the film industry. Updating brand archetypes for today's consumers | via @warceditors
Tweet : Aug 15th 2018 15:52
Hey @absolutvodka, we made a short film that has beautiful synergy with Absolut Rainbow. It celebrates the LGBTQ community through dance and poetry - we thought you might enjoy it too...
Tweet : Aug 15th 2018 14:16
RT @BarbicanCentre: Excited to announce that we are an official partner of @thesmalls 2018 Film Festival! We'll be screening our #TheArtOf
Tweet : Aug 15th 2018 14:15
In collaboration with @BarbicanCentre we recently released our latest video, as part of the #TheArtOfChange series. The incredible filmmaker, Lexi Kiddo, uses the mediums of dance and poetry to explore the theme of LGBT. Check out the full video at:
Tweet : Aug 15th 2018 12:09
RT @BarbicanCentre: How can film demonstrate the power of art to respond to change? Join us for a special screening and Q&A with some of th
Tweet : Aug 15th 2018 10:59
RT @underwirefest: A brilliant film and a must see. Tonight was made even better with #femalefilmmaker @DesireeeAkhavan Q&A @BFI @campostfi
Tweet : Aug 15th 2018 10:54
Today we can announce that the @BarbicanCentre is an official partner of The Smalls 2018 Film Festival! As part of our annual celebration of independent filmmaking, festival-goers will be able to attend a screening at Barbican on Saturday, September 8.
Tweet : Aug 14th 2018 15:22
There's still time left to sign up to volunteer with us at our Film Festival this year! To get involved, send us a quick email at and let us know a little bit about yourself! To find out more go to:
Tweet : Aug 14th 2018 12:42
RT @Adweek: Video: 5 top women in media share their tips on how to get ahead
Tweet : Aug 14th 2018 10:03
RT @cylindrBBN: Video keeps growing in importance and use for #B2BMarketing. Marketers from @Linkedln @dailymotion and @thesmalls share be
Tweet : Aug 13th 2018 09:25
We have been overwhelmed by the number and quality of entries for The Smalls Film Festival 2018. We will be in touch with everyone by EOP this Wednesday. Thank you for your patience!
Tweet : Aug 9th 2018 15:17
RT @BarbicanCentre: 'It's about being both strong and vulnerable at once, which I think is very LGBT' Filmmaker Lexi Kiddo responds to thi
Tweet : Aug 9th 2018 14:33
We’re excited to announce that @BIFA_film are now accepting British Short Film entries and if you’re shortlisted at The Smalls Film Festival, then it means you’re automatically eligible! Take a look at their website for full details:
Tweet : Aug 7th 2018 12:45
Adland aims to attract talent from the widest possible pool, yet all too often fails to look beyond their own bubble. If we use technology to make almost every aspect of our lives easier, then why are we not using technology to expand our talent pool?
Tweet : Aug 3rd 2018 15:49
We are proud to announce @Calvert_22 as the home for our 2018 film festival. The 13th annual edition of the festival will now take place from the 7th - 10th of September with a bustling programme of film screenings, panels, exhibitions, interactive sessions and memorable parties.
Tweet : Aug 3rd 2018 14:10
RT @BarbicanCentre: With a riot of colour - and a stunning portrait of the Barbican - filmmaker Lexi Kiddo responds to this month's theme,
Tweet : Jul 30th 2018 20:33
RT @cheapcutsfest: Short docs, this Friday, BYOB! We're screening a selection of award winning international gems at @TheCentrE17 August 3r
Tweet : Jul 26th 2018 13:13
One Super 8 cartridge, no retakes, no post. Come and support @straight8's premiering 2018 filmmakers as they see their films for the first time. 4th August, @BFI Southbank:
Tweet : Jul 25th 2018 08:20
.@kinoshortfilm's Open-Mic Short Film Night is tomorrow! Candid Arts (Basement), 7pm Tickets: £7 entry, £4.50 online Free ????????????
Tweet : Jul 17th 2018 17:52
RT @BIFA_film: Festivals added to our qualifying festivals list this year include: ? @GlasgowSFF ? @buffenterprises ? @Deaffest ? @OskaB
Tweet : Jul 13th 2018 16:11
@JTfirstman Hey Jordan, we sent you a message through Vimeo re: Men Don't Whisper. We'd love to screen it at our film festival in September. Would this be of interest? Aleks (
Tweet : Jul 13th 2018 11:35
How does a film earn money? Our friends at @Raindance have devised a course on how to enhance the commercial potential of your film. If you want to turn your film into this year's sleeper hit, check out "Marketing and Selling Your Film": http://bit.lyFilmMarketingAndSelling
Tweet : Jul 11th 2018 13:29
RT @BarbicanCentre: 'When did my block become part of the Monopoly board?' For this month's #TheArtOfChange short film, Richard Dixon Whea
Tweet : Jul 11th 2018 10:30
In honour of legendary producer John Brabourne, the JBAs are an integral part of the @FilmTVCharity's growing suite of programmes to help filmmakers thrive. Next application deadline is 31 July, enter:
Tweet : Jul 10th 2018 09:36
RT @underwirefest: #Womeninfilm this is an important announcement. The deadline for submissions is 15th July! There's still time to submit
Tweet : Jul 10th 2018 01:15
The Smalls Film Festival 2018 submissions are now closed. Thank you to all of you who entered your short films! We will be in touch with all filmmakers before the 10th of August x
Tweet : Jul 9th 2018 21:59
Tweet : Jul 9th 2018 12:02
@JTfirstman ???? just sent you a message on Vimeo - we would love to consider Men Don't Whisper for our film festival in September. Hope you are up for it! Aleks (
Tweet : Jul 9th 2018 10:49
TODAY IS THE DAY! ? Your last chance to submit your short films to The Smalls Film Festival 2018. Don't wait any longer - submissions close at 11:59pm BST tonight. #SMALLSFF18
Tweet : Jul 8th 2018 12:03
@_itsbernard There is still time - the submissions are open until tomorrow at 11:59pm BST

Carte Noire  - Le Baiser
Carte Noire
(Carte Noire )
Le Baiser
Branded content
Shot on 16mm film in Paris, this film celebrated the brand's sponsorship of Everyman cinemas.
Sep 16th 2017 11:20:11
Nikon - I Am Creative
I Am Creative
Branded content
Working with creative influencers, this campaign brings to life the benefits of Nikon's D5300.
Sep 16th 2017 11:18:23
Netflix - Orange Is The New Black: Unraveled
Orange Is The New Black: Unraveled
Branded content
A trailer for Season 5 of Netflix's OITNB, created using charming puppet animation.
Sep 13th 2017 17:18:31

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