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Tweet : Aug 17th 2018 17:41
@Starbucks will be opening its first signing store, dedicated to the deaf and hard of hearing. From the staff, which will consist of deaf, hard of hearing and hearing baristas fluent in sign language, up to the design and layout of the store and even the
Tweet : Aug 16th 2018 12:41
Augmented Reality (AR) is being embraced by brands as a way to lower purchase barriers traditionally associated with eCommerce. IKEA has launched the IKEA Place app where shoppers can test if a piece of furniture fits and complements their home on their
Tweet : Aug 10th 2018 15:41
@Eison_Triple_Thread, the menswear company, has just released an app that recommends clothes to its users based on the music they listen to. The app connects to the user’s Spotify account and analyses their ‘most liked’ music genres and favourite artists
Tweet : Aug 8th 2018 17:42
Amazon has recently been showing signs of strategic investment in the fashion sector, giving reason for cautionary alarm to fashion retailers. So far, they've invested in a Shoreditch photo studio, five private fashion labels and Echo Look - a voice-cont
Tweet : Aug 3rd 2018 17:41
@nike has just opened its first store that merges with its online community. The store will strongly integrate its membership platform NikePlus, using its data to inform what products to stock, allowing users to reserve products for in-store, trial or pi
Tweet : Aug 3rd 2018 10:41
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Tweet : Aug 2nd 2018 11:41
You can find anything on @amazon from apples, to cars to shoesand soon, your monthly prescription medicine. The acquisition of online pharmacy @pillpack, has put Amazon in direct competition with traditional retail pharmacy chains as it gains acces
Tweet : Jul 27th 2018 17:41
@getcargotoday, a start-up that allows Uber passengers to make in-car purchases, has just announced to partner with Kellogg’s, Mars and Pepsi. With this move, Cargo adds new snacks and beverages to its existing offer, which already includes electronics a
Tweet : Jul 25th 2018 18:41
Over 100 million products were sold globally on Prime Day. It’s no secret that Prime Day sees a huge spike in sales on @amazon devices and in the tech category in general. What might surprise, is that Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) are also reaping the be
Tweet : Jul 20th 2018 18:41
Facebook is implementing augmented reality ads, turning your newsfeed into a virtual fitting room or show room. Using the filter technology for your phone’s camera, users can tap an ad and try on different products from sunglasses, to make-up and accesso
Tweet : Jul 20th 2018 10:41
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Tweet : Jul 16th 2018 15:42
Happy Prime Day! Look what we found round the corner... #treasuretruck #primeday #commerceagency #integer #amazon #ecommerce
Tweet : Jul 13th 2018 15:41
@accorhotels is using your biometric data to tell you where you want to travel next. To tell members of their loyalty program their perfect destination, the hotel created an interactive, sensory experience that measured their heart rate, skin response an
Tweet : Jul 11th 2018 10:41
We have baking fever! Here’s a second batch of ginger Martins. Thank you Dave, you spoil us. #baking #biscuits #homemade #gingerbread #homemadeisbest #integer #integerfun
Tweet : Jul 10th 2018 18:41
Birthday Beers! #integerfun #agencylife
Tweet : Jul 9th 2018 11:41
Matching Monday’s, they got the memo. #Integer #matchingoutfits #happymonday
Tweet : Jul 6th 2018 15:41
The newest @StellaMcCartney store on London’s Bond Street claims to have the cleanest air in the capital. Using air-filtration technology, the store has 95% less traffic fumes and residual airborne pollutants than you would breath in on the busy streets.
Tweet : Jun 29th 2018 14:41
Harvey Nichols is connecting online purchases with in-store assistance. Online shoppers can now chat with salespeople carrying tablets in-store, also allowing live video streams to showcase products they are talking about. The department store is looking
Tweet : Jun 29th 2018 13:41
Harvey Nichols is connecting online purchases with in-store assistance. Online shoppers can now chat with salespeople carrying tablets in-store, also allowing live video streams to showcase products they are talking about. The department store is looking
Tweet : Jun 26th 2018 12:38
What’s driving culinary culture today panel:  « consumers are more aware of the ingredients they put in their bodies rather than how it makes them feel » @ZakNormandin cofounder Dirty Lemon #DecodedFuture
Tweet : Jun 26th 2018 11:49
« Waste for one should be good for the other » @DaanRoosegaarde #DecodedFuture SMOG FREE PROJECT by Daan Roosegaarde in Rotterdam [OFFICIAL MOVIE] via @YouTube
Tweet : Jun 26th 2018 11:29
RT @decodedfuture_: "Innovation is also about looking at history, and creating a link between pragmatism and poetry." @DaanRoosegaarde's La
Tweet : Jun 26th 2018 11:29
Innovation should be about having a positive impact on the World @space10_journal #DecodedFuture
Tweet : Jun 26th 2018 10:08
If you want to do something new you’re always an amateur. @DaanRoosegaarde #DecodedFuture
Tweet : Jun 22nd 2018 10:41
Asos has partnered with Crayola to create a 58-piece makeup collection in the classic stick format. Leaning not only on product features and codes of the crayon brand, such as stylizing the squiggly line of ripped paper, the products also encourage creat
Tweet : Jun 15th 2018 16:41
Amazon has launched their new Fire TV Cube, the first streaming device that integrated Amazon Alexa and can be controlled with voice. The cube brings multiple standard Alexa functions and skills to the TV screen, it can connect to other smart-home device
Tweet : Jun 8th 2018 09:41
@airbnb has just started to test videos for its user’s profiles. Using the “story” format that became popular through Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, travellers can now record short clips of their trips. Tags can link viewers to other Airbnb pages of t
Tweet : Jun 1st 2018 11:41
Tesco announced to remove the “best before” labels from nearly 70 of its fresh food and vegetable products. The move comes as a study unveiled that almost half of shoppers don’t understand the meaning behind the quality but not safety indicators. It also
Tweet : May 29th 2018 11:46
RT @creativebrief: New BITE #ThoughtLeadership @Integer_London's latest research piece looks at why, instead of chasing Millennials, it’s t
Tweet : May 25th 2018 12:41
Burger King Spain held a 24-hour activation on Instagram that allowed its fans to build their perfect burger and pick it up in-store later. By swiping through the brand’s stories that featured the burger’s ingredients, users could use polling widgets to

Optimum Nutrition - Gold Standard Zone
Optimum Nutrition
Gold Standard Zone
Brand Activation
Becoming your best, starts when you stop - highlighting the importance of protein after training.
Mar 1st 2018 14:30:34
Optimum Nutrition - The Gold Standard Zone
Optimum Nutrition
The Gold Standard Zone
Brand Activation, Shopper Marketing
Being in the Gold Standard Zone with athletes performing at the highest level with Optimum Nutrition
Oct 2nd 2017 16:29:35
Sharp's Brewery - There's an Adventure Brewing
Sharp's Brewery
(Molson Coors)
There's an Adventure Brewing
Integrated marketing
Sharp's Brewery and Nathan Outlaw treat beer lovers to a unique Michelin Star meal in Cornwall.
Jul 25th 2017 13:32:34

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