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Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 16:43
Team adidas paint the streets with a Gabriel Jesus mural via @Campaignmag ????????????????
Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 16:24
“Bringing the reason we’re all talking about football back into focus” ???? an outstanding series of World Cup films from team adidas feat. @MoSalah, @gabrieljesus33 and @rfef via @CreativeReview ???????? #HereToCreate
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 17:24
The weight of 100 million compatriots hopes and dreams on your shoulders could crush a man...But not @MoSalah ???????? ???? ?? #HereToCreate? ? #Fortheforward
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 17:23
Enough creativity to inspire a nation ???????????????????? #HereToCreate #Fortheforward
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 16:24
Check out our very own Lolly Morris in Creative Review, chatting motherhood as an opportunity not an obstacle. Yes Lolly! ???? #Fortheforward #LifeAtIris
Tweet : Jun 16th 2018 21:12
During the 2014 World Cup, @gabrieljesus33 was a 16 year old kid, painting the streets of Peri in support of his nation. ??????????????. #HereToCreate #Fortheforward
Tweet : Jun 15th 2018 15:10
ECD Grant Hunter (@whitematter) gives the low-down on some tasty eyeball treats to look out for at Cannes 2018, featuring none other than the world-renowned Red Trouser Grand Prix ???????? ... Check it out
Tweet : Jun 14th 2018 19:56
#HereToCreate #WorldCup ??????????????
Tweet : Jun 13th 2018 15:28
The second part in our 'Extra Mile' series for @Shell Canada - introducing 'Father's Day'. Some beautiful work from the team ???????? #FathersDay
Tweet : Jun 11th 2018 13:56
Very proud to have picked up 'Best UK Use of Ad Formats' at last weeks #youtubeworksforbrands awards for the fantastic @Superdry 'This is the Jacket'. A huge pat on the back to the team ????
Tweet : Jun 8th 2018 12:32
RT @irisPanthers: Tonight was very much like the good old days... A convincing 32-4 win over @AndrewsAldridge ???? The Panthers are back and h
Tweet : Jun 5th 2018 17:14
RT @CreativeEquals: Free tonight? At @irisworldwide you’ll be taught how to develop your personal brand by @BadassWomensHr presenter, @Harr
Tweet : Jun 5th 2018 17:13
A brilliant read on the state of UK Retail from our very own Cal Mackenzie. He looks back on Q1 and explains what retailers have got to be optimistic about looking to Q2. #Retail ??????????
Tweet : Jun 1st 2018 10:16
Check out the @TheDrum's latest #CreativeWorks featuring two brilliant pieces of work from our APAC team for @HUGOBOSS and #ChangBeer ????
Tweet : Jun 1st 2018 10:00
RT @Tammy_Parlour: “Seeing @rachelyankey11 on the front cover of @StylistMagazine in her kit, remains my proudest moment in 20 years" How
Tweet : Jun 1st 2018 09:59
RT @YCC: One of the best creative planners we've worked with. Meet today's Badass Gal, Flo Evans a creative planner over at @irisworldwide.
Tweet : May 31st 2018 09:53
Check out the @Dassault3DS installation that got designers, architects, makers & innovators all talking about the possible solutions presented when design and technology converge at this year's #MDW: #B2B #MDW2018
Tweet : May 30th 2018 13:43
Kicking off the festival season right with @SamsungUK and @allpointseastuk ????????. Check out what @Campaignmag had to say about the activation:
Tweet : May 29th 2018 12:51
RT @MumbrellaAsia: .@irisworldwide: "Our approach came from the insight of a cultural shift in the category, where sacrifice is becoming th
Tweet : May 25th 2018 14:05
RT @FinchFactor: Amy Brown of @irisworldwide on stage at the Marketplace track at #TNW2018 where speakers discuss the future of retail. ???? h
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 14:39
Check out @highsnobiety's rundown of how some of the world's biggest companies celebrated the #RoyalWedding, feat. our very own @KFC_UKI's Royal Bucket ????
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 11:24
RT @highsnobiety: Here’s how some of the world’s biggest companies celebrated the Royal Wedding:
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 11:08
"The Spartans do not ask how many are the enemy but where are they". A great read from our Global CEO @IanMillner on how Accenture is making us all take our eye off the ball. @Campaignmag
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 09:46
"This work isn't going anywhere, and that's the magic of brilliant creativity - it lives on beyond the artist." Iris' @sophieszilady & @sophiachjohnson on the work of Bill Gold, one of Hollywood’s greatest poster designers via @TheDrum
Tweet : May 21st 2018 14:25
RT @creativebrief: New BITE #HotPick Forget the mugs, the plates, the towels and even the face-emblazoned swimming costumes. The only Royal
Tweet : May 21st 2018 14:24
'KFC’s celebrates The Royal Wedding with Kentucky Fine China' - @creativebrief's latest BITE #HotPick ????????
Tweet : May 18th 2018 15:32
"Pass the bucket indeed..." Check out @prweekuknews's #RoyalWedding roundup, kicking off with none other than the brilliant @KFC_UKI Royal Bucket ????
Tweet : May 17th 2018 22:03
RT @LBBOnline: Fancy some 'Kentucky Fine China'? @KFC_UKI and @irisworldwide launch a unique bucket just in time for the #RoyalWedding2018.
Tweet : May 17th 2018 18:33
RT @shotscreative: Always dreamed of eating your @kfc chicken out of a dish handmade from English fine gold-rimmed china, emblazoned with t
Tweet : May 17th 2018 17:45
Introducing ‘The Power of Partnerships’ for Shell Lubricants - illustrating the power of people working together for the better. A fantastic demonstration from our Shell team of insight driven, beautifully crafted B2B creativity.

Shell - Father's Day
Father's Day
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Integrated marketing
Part of our 'Extra Mile' series for Shell Canada - live on Facebook + Instagram for Father's Day.
Jun 13th 2018 15:06:56
Haven Holidays - Dose of Vitamin Sea
Haven Holidays
(Bourne Leisure)
Dose of Vitamin Sea
Public relations (PR)
Haven launches a limited fragrance range which bottles the mood booting scents of the British Coast
May 21st 2018 17:58:44
KFC - KFC’s celebrates The Royal Wedding with Kentucky Fine China
KFC’s celebrates The Royal Wedding with Kentucky Fine China
Advertising/Creative, CRM/Customer engagement, Integrated marketing
An exclusive run of china buckets made available to Colonel's Club members to celebrate the wedding.
May 21st 2018 10:58:05
SANE - #LetMeTalk
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Integrated marketing
A national advertising campaign to encourage those struggling with depression to find their voice.
May 15th 2018 14:58:35
Haven Holidays - Severus and Lily: Pet Directors
Haven Holidays
(Haven Holidays)
Severus and Lily: Pet Directors
Public relations (PR)
Haven appoints new “Directors of Walkies” to showcase its range of dog-friendly activities.
Apr 10th 2018 17:38:37

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