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Tweet : Aug 9th 2018 14:16
We're very happy to announce our latest pitch win and new client, London Business School ????????? @LBS is Europe's no.1 business school and our ambition is to develop work that challenges category norms, and reaffirms exactly why they're no.1 #TCL
Tweet : Aug 7th 2018 09:35
It's home! Our @Thinkboxtv award for The Best TV Creative of May/June 2018 for our Oasis 'Togetherness' spot. Thanks #TheThinkboxes #TCL
Tweet : Aug 2nd 2018 11:58
A moving presentation on the perils of plastic from our very own Kristie this morn has us evaluating what changes we can make, as individuals and collectively. First up: smaller general waste bins, changing food supplier to one more eco friendly, plastic bag deposit ?????????? #TCL
Tweet : Aug 1st 2018 15:19
We give staff the opportunity to utilise in-house skills to bring their own ideas to life; a.k.a 'Second Life.' This year, Creative Director Joe turned his passion for calamari into Squid Inc. with branding by our very own designer James ????Check them out
Tweet : Jul 25th 2018 16:44
Thank you Thinkbox! Our 'Togetherness' work for Oasis has been voted the best TV creative of May/June by @Thinkboxtv ???? Check out the write up here #TCL
Tweet : Jul 20th 2018 08:46
A brilliantly meaningful award nomination for our @InsideJigsaw #HeartImmigration campaign in the Connecting With Culture category in @MarketingNTA #NewThinking2018 Fingers crossed ???? #TCL
Tweet : Jul 18th 2018 14:21
Lovely write up of our @Oasis_Drinks Togetherness work in this edition of @Campaignmag's Private View, from Ross Neil of @McCann_WW and Mark Elwood of @MullenLoweLDN ????
Tweet : Jul 18th 2018 12:14
Hyped to see our @InsideJigsaw campaign up for TWO @MW_Masters for Best Use Of A Small Budget and Brand Purpose ???? #HeartImmigration #TCL
Tweet : Jul 17th 2018 09:44
Tweet : Jul 5th 2018 11:02
This week's Thursday Breakfast meeting is a #WorldCup ads special. IT'S COMING HOME ? #TCL
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 12:00
Thanks @_PatrickJeffrey @contagious for the latest copy of their shiny new mag. Always a treat!
Tweet : Jul 2nd 2018 14:43
Start the week with a bang and vote for our @Oasis_Drinks #TogethernessBottle campaign here.. please. #MotivationMonday #RefreshingStuff
Tweet : Jun 30th 2018 11:51
Feeling the love. Thanks @Campaign_India for this piece on our recent #CannesLion win ?????????????? #HeartImmigration @InsideJigsaw
Tweet : Jun 30th 2018 11:41
To create is great, to create and win is even better. Shout out to our talented people, and our collaborative, ambitious clients ?????????????????? #CannesLion #HeartImmigration @InsideJigsaw @Be_Heard_Group
Tweet : Jun 28th 2018 12:09
We're excited to get stuck in ????
Tweet : Jun 28th 2018 09:36
Today's Thursday breakfast meeting is a @Cannes_Lions special, showing all our favourite winners, and of course our VERY OWN WINNER @InsideJigsaw #HeartImmigration ???? #TCL
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2018 07:57
? Proud to win @Cannes_Lions for our @InsideJigsaw #HeartImmigration campaign ???????? #CreativityIsGREAT
Tweet : Jun 22nd 2018 12:12
This edition's BBQ sees the Producer galdem take over the coals with beers, bangaz and 'some salmon'
Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 11:04
@Be_Heard_Group @agenda21digital @MMT_Digital @AgencyRegister ????????????
Tweet : Jun 17th 2018 18:11
RT @contagious: We’re mad keen on the Outdoor contenders this year. @CHEProximity, @thecornerLDN @Spotify and @hosthavas have all enchanted
Tweet : Jun 16th 2018 09:44
RT @contagious: Our editorial director @A_J thinks @thecornerLDN are due a Grand Prix for the #HeartImmigration campaign they made for @Ins
Tweet : Jun 15th 2018 10:24
RT @contagious: Who’s going to grab all the Grands Prix this year? The Contagious team have placed their #CannesLions bets already: https:/
Tweet : Jun 13th 2018 21:39
Planning Power Pose. We win for Consumer Insight at tonight's @TheMarketingSoc
Tweet : Jun 13th 2018 21:32
Aaaand the first award of the night goes to... The Corner London for our @SenetGroup work! #whenthefunstopsstop #TCL
Tweet : Jun 13th 2018 19:29
Excited for tonight's @TheMarketingSoc awards. We're up for 3 prizes ????????
Tweet : Jun 13th 2018 13:10
Our Refreshingly Honest take on marketing with the Oasis Togetherness bottle has landed us @creativebrief 's #HotPick ????
Tweet : Jun 12th 2018 18:04
Thanks @A_J for picking our @InsideJigsaw #HeartImmigration as his @contagious #canneslions contender!
Tweet : Jun 8th 2018 11:07
RT @contagious: ‘It’s a visual that’s so ridiculous it could almost be something that a brand would do thinking it’s doing something great
Tweet : Jun 8th 2018 08:22
@tayalouise And an equal amount of congratulations to the equally amazing and equally hard working Taya ????????
Tweet : Jun 7th 2018 15:15
@agenda21digital Thanks!
News : Apr 15th 2016 by Kristie Thistlewaite
The Corner received a CIM award for Integrated Marketing Comms - Customer Education for The Senet Group campaign WHEN THE FUN STOPS STOP.
News : Jun 13th 2014 by Kristie Thistlewaite
The Corner were named PromaxBDA Agency of the Year 2014, picking up eight individual awards for their work on FOX and NAT GEO.
News : Apr 11th 2014 by Neil Simpson

Oasis Drinks - Oasis Togetherness
Oasis Drinks
(Coca Cola)
Oasis Togetherness
Why should we rely on experts to unite people, when a fruity drinks brand can do a better job?
Jun 8th 2018 10:03:16
Diet Coke
Launching in the UK Diet Coke's new can design and two new flavours through OOH and digital.
May 9th 2018 15:09:17
Toys R Us - Magical Place
Toys R Us
(Toys R Us )
Magical Place
Toys R Us tells the heart-warming Christmas story we all know and love with a magical little twist.
Nov 20th 2017 14:43:48
Jackpotjoy  - Grab Fun By The Balls
(Jackpotjoy PLC)
Grab Fun By The Balls
Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy, Integrated marketing
Paddy inherits the crown from the Queen of Bingo & declares himself ready to grab fun by the balls.
Nov 1st 2017 16:20:35
Jigsaw - <3 Immigration
<3 Immigration
Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy, Integrated marketing
Against a backdrop of Brexit talks, Jigsaw challenges the notion of Britishness.
Nov 1st 2017 15:21:19

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